Tyler ISD Council PTA President extends invitation for all to join PTA

September 13, 2016


Dear Tyler families and community members,


Imagine a world where every child’s potential is a reality. That is the very mission of PTA, the Parent Teacher Association. On campuses around Tyler, PTAs are working hand-in-hand with school administrators to make every child’s potential a reality through advocacy, education and support to our students, parents, staff and community. Be a part by joining your local PTA! Visit at www.Join PTA.org or ask at your school office.


The number one reason to join PTA is to benefit your child. Decades of research show when parents are involved, students perform better in school. They receive higher grades and test scores, have better school attendance and lower rates of suspension, are more likely to graduate high school, and are more likely to pursue post-secondary education. Children of involved parents also exhibit increased motivation, better self-esteem, less drug and alcohol use, and fewer instances of violent behavior. Those great benefits come from parent engagement, a major focus of PTA.


Don’t have time to volunteer or a student in Tyler ISD? Join anyway! Every individual who joins PTA helps not only his or her own child but every child. The greater our numbers, the more impact we have on our lawmakers as PTA advocates for students at a state and national level. The larger our membership, the more we are heard.


PTA is an organization for everyone, regardless of whether you have a student in Tyler ISD: parents, teachers, grandparents, family members, business owners, retired educators, and people who just plain care! If you want to positively impact the education of students in Tyler ISD, PTA is the best way to do that. You can visit at www.Join PTA.org or by asking at your school office.


Imagine how strong our community could be if every parent, every community member, and every business leader got involved in PTA to make every child’s potential a reality! Visit www.JoinPTA.org today.


Maureen Kaiser,

President 2016-17

Tyler ISD Council of PTAs

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