Trustee Spotlight: Andy Bergfeld, President

January 11, 2017


Throughout January, School Board Recognition Month, Tyler ISD is honoring school board members as their “All-Star Team” and thanking them for their commitment to serving students, parents and staff. Take a moment to learn more about Trustee President Andy Bergfeld. 


Trustee Spotlight – Andy Bergfeld, President


Andy Bergfeld has served as Trustee, representing District 7, since 2012. He was a four-time President of the Tyler Independent School District Board of Trustees during his first three terms on the Board. While President, the Board was named Texas School Board of the Year in 2005. In 2012 he was elected to another three year term on the Board.


Mr. Bergfeld says what he values most about serving on the Board of Trustees is having the opportunity to serve others and help people. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University, a J.D. from South Texas College of Law and is a graduate Robert E. Lee High School.


When asked who his favorite teacher was as a child, Mr. Bergfeld says, “I hate to pick a favorite because I had so many great teachers at Tyler ISD. I can mention a few that had an impact on me at the time.  I remember fondly Mrs. Alvis, Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Taylor at Rice Elementary. There are great memories of Mrs. Neill, Mrs. Kennington and Mrs. Leonard at Hubbard and Mr. Idrogo, Mrs. Grantham and others at Lee. I am also thankful to those teachers whose classes were really tough like Mr. Lloyd and Mrs. Armstrong at Hubbard and Mrs. Bracken and Mrs. Boyton at Lee. I mentioned both Lamar Brown, my senior chemistry teacher, and John Taylor, my football and track coach, at convocation several years ago as both having a positive influence on my life. I realized later in life that they both took that extra step to find out how to get the best out of me as a student and an athlete. Both challenged me in specific ways to reach my full potential and did it in a way that I knew they cared about me - all the while, pushing me out of my comfort zone. They used my inner determination not to fail, and my loyalty to those who are loyal to me, to get the most out of me as a person. In the process, I gained confidence in myself. Thank you to all of my former teachers and coaches.”


Thank you, Mr. Bergfeld, for your commitment and service on the Tyler ISD Board of Trustees.

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