Rice Elementary School students win international art contest

January 26, 2017


Rice Elementary School kindergartener Serenity Carpenter and second-grader Carmen Camila Bravo not only ooze cuteness, but more importantly, they are leaders in their classrooms. Serenity and Carmen recently showed their leadership skills through their equally impressive artistic skills by participating in the 2016 NED “How Are You a Leader?” International Poster Contest. Both girls claimed first place in their age divisions, competing among 2,000 entries from 21 states and four countries.


The NED leadership and character program teaches students to Never Give Up, Encourage Others and Do Your Best (NED). For the contest, students were asked to illustrate and describe how they are a leader in their school or classroom. Serenity’s illustration and definition was “helping put the school boxes away.” Carmen’s illustration and definition was “helping someone when they’re sad or lonely.”


Carmen says she drew someone helping a friend because ‘Encouraging Others’ is her favorite part. “You can always make a friend,” she says. “Even if you are scared, you can go for it and make a new friend.”


Serenity says she wanted to draw herself helping her teacher put away boxes because she “likes helping Ms. Jordan and other people. ‘Encouraging Others’ is my favorite too, because I like other people.”

According to Rice Counselor Diana Koop, Serenity and Carmen show NED leadership skills in all they do throughout the day.


“We are incredibly proud to have two winners in NED’s “How Are You a Leader?” International Poster Contest,” Ms. Koop said. “Serenity and Carmen not only showed leadership qualities in their poster, but they put those qualities in action every day. As a NED Showcase School, NED’s character – Never Give Up, Encourage Others and Do Your Best – can be seen in each of our students and staff, creating a positive and successful environment.”


All winning entries are on display on the NED website, www.thenedshow.com/contest_info.html#leader

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