Tyler ISD students excel in Academic Rodeo

March 30, 2017


Tyler ISD students received a number of honors in various competitions at this year’s Academic Rodeo sponsored by the East Texas State Fair.


At the Academic Rodeo, nearly 2,000 students in schools across East Texas competed in 14 contest categories specific for each grade, creating a total of 2,373 entries. Elementary students who placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any contest received a cash award. Middle and high school students who placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any contest became eligible to apply for scholarships. Top finishing students were honored at a special Academic Rodeo Awards Celebration in February.


Congratulations to the following outstanding students and schools:


Academic Challenge Quiz

Middle School

Moore MST Magnet School, 3rd place: Ben Boynton, Isaiah Glanton, Shobhit Gupta, Olivia Orren, Caroline Richberg, Chloe Vaughn

High School

Robert E. Lee High School, 2nd place: Kamal Bains, Rob Garrity, Jonathan Graham, Jacob Mackey


Art Contest

First Grade

1st Place: Aaron Williams, Jack Elementary


Second Grade

2nd Place: Ella Fishback, Rice Elementary

Honorable Mention: Hunt Fender, Rice Elementary


Third Grade

Honorable Mention: Jabryn Carston, Clarkston Elementary; Tristen Taylor, Douglas Elementary


Fourth Grade

1st Place: Mya Horton, Rice Elementary

2nd Place: Reagan Jones, Rice Elementary

Honorable Mention: Brandon Velasquez, Griffin Elementary


Fifth Grade

1st Place: Taylor Henry, Jack Elementary

Honorable Mention: Sergio Santiago, Griffin Elementary


Ninth Grade

Honorable Mention: Claire Garza, Robert E. Lee High School


Tenth Grade

Honorable Mention: Sydney Kerley, Robert E. Lee High School; Anna Veloso, Robert E. Lee High School


Eleventh Grade

1st Place: Brianna Metzner, Robert E. Lee High School

Honorable Mention: Julissa Nunez, John Tyler High School


Twelfth Grade

1st Place: Erin Woods, Robert E. Lee High School

Honorable Mention: Maria Gomez, Robert E. Lee High School


Computer Science

1st Place: Abigail LaPerriere, Jack Elementary

2nd Place: Damian Paredez, Douglas Elementary

3rd Place: Janiyah Green, Douglas Elementary



1st Place: Emma Cooper, Jack Elementary


Web Page Design

1st Place: Henry Jones, Moore MST Magnet School

3rd Place: Shobhit Gupta, Moore MST Magnet School


Engineering Challenge

Special Recognition: Douglas Elementary, Jack Elementary


Kinder Kritters

Honorable Mention: Morgan Gregori, Jack Elementary; Gabby Maberry, Jack Elementary



3rd Place: Lance Motlagh, Rice Elementary

Team Finalists: Jack Elementary, Owens Elementary, Rice Elementary

1st Place Team: Jack Elementary, Matthew Saul, Nolan Hable, Nasar Almohammed, Elizabeth Cater, Walker East


Mindset Breaking Experience

Team Finalists: Griffin Elementary


One Act Play

Middle School

Commended Rating: Hubbard Middle School

All Star Cast: Elena Farr, Hubbard Middle School


High School

Commended Rating: John Tyler High School


All Star Cast: Bene Acuna, Jonathan Gaona, Michelle Garcia, Isabel Tapia, Juan Villaseñor, John Tyler High School



Individual High Scores


1st Place: Ethan Barton, Robert E. Lee High School



2nd Place: Kushan Gupta, Robert E. Lee High School



3rd Place: Julia McCown, Robert E. Lee High School



3rd Place: Kushan Gupta, Robert E. Lee High School


Science Fair


2nd Place: Ayza Khan & Melinda Nguyen, Rice Elementary School


Middle School Experimental Projects


1st Place: Anna McClintock, Moore MST Magnet School

2nd Place: Katie Stanford, Moore MST Magnet School



2nd Place: Lorelai Walker, Moore MST Magnet School



2nd Place: Isaiah Rivera, Moore MST Magnet School



1st Place: Sasha Fox, Moore MST Magnet School


Physical Science

1st Place: Konner Bennet, Moore MST Magnet School


Spelling Bee

Second Grade

1st Place: Aahana Kumar, Jack Elementary

2nd Place: Qadria Yasin, Jack Elementary


Writing Contest

Fourth Grade

2nd Place: Sebastian Raney, Rice Elementary


Seventh Grade

1st Place: Jernai Mosley, Moore MST Magnet School


Youth Fashion Show

Construction Division

High School

Casual Category

1st Place: Briana Peratta, John Tyler High School

2nd Place: Elena Avila, John Tyler High School

3rd Place: Mariah Eastham, John Tyler High School


Dressy Category

1st Place: Caurvisier Smith, John Tyler High School

2nd Place: Keishay Coleman, John Tyler High School

3rd Place: La’Shawn Roberts, John Tyler High School


High School Construction Overall

1st Place: Caurvisier Smith, John Tyler High School

2nd Place: Briana Peralta, John Tyler High School

3rd Place: Elena Avilla, John Tyler High School


Non-Traditional Construction

Casual Category and Overall Winner: Missie Taylor, John Tyler High School


Pictured: From November to February through 28 matches, 21 Middle School Academic Challenge Quiz teams battled to the Final 3. Moore MST Magnet Middle School claimed 3rd place in the contest.


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