Griffin Elementary School students get active to feed children across the world

April 26, 2017


Fifth graders in Ms. Murgia’s class at Griffin Elementary School are up and moving for an important cause. Their physical activity, both in school and at home, is feeding children across the world through UNICEF’s Kid Power initiative.


UNICEF Kid Power is a threefold program. Students go on special missions to complete standard-aligned lessons and activities that teach about different cultures and UNICEF’s work to help children in these cultures. On their missions, students get active with their Kid Power Band that functions as a wearable device to track their movements and activities both at school and at home. Students earn points for the amount of activity uploaded from their bands. The points then work to unlock funds needed to provide nutritional Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) packets to children who are malnourished in countries across the world.


“The UNICEF Kid Power program is a grant opportunity I discovered last fall,” Ms. Murgia said. “Through the grant, we received 40 bands, a tablet for tracking the activity and the educational components used in the missions. The program runs from March through May in our classroom, but the students are able to keep the bands and continue their work to feed hungry children over the summer.”


Ms. Murgia’s students have already earned enough points to provide 539 RUTF packets to children in need. Their latest mission provided RUTF packets to children in Mauritania, a country in Africa.


“Kid Power is really fun because the more points we earn the more packets of food are given to other children,” student Brandon Alvarez said.


Bryanna Thomas also knows that her actions and activities are making a difference. “I like Kid Power because it helps a lot of people around the world,” she said.


Ms. Murgia plans to apply for the UNICEF Kid Power grant when the application period opens again in October.


“I am hoping to apply for and receive more bands next year so that more students can participate,” Ms. Murgia said. “We have enjoyed this program so much and the students know they are really making a difference.”



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