It's Science Fair Time at Moore MST

January 12, 2018

Students at Moore MST Magnet School recently created impressive science fair projects for the school’s annual science fair competition. More than 250 students used the scientific method to ask a question, form a hypothesis and conduct a full experiment to test their hypothesis. The projects were judged by members of the community based on a series of criteria and the winning projects will advance to competition at the East Texas Regional Science Fair in Kilgore in March.


Winners in the Physical Category were:

1st Place - Cameron Ames - Project - “Parachute Dilemma”

2nd Place - Aubrey Sheffield - Project - “The Backyard Sprint”

3rd Place - Nathan Turner - Project - “Does Gasoline Choice Affect CO2 Emissions?”

4th Place - Griffin Baker - Project - “Time for Tea”

5th Place - Ryan Cleveland - Project - “Radioactive Shielding”

6th Place - Joseph Williams - Project - “Fruits or Vegetables?”

7th Place - Helen Parkerson - Project - “Potato Battery Experiment”

8th Place - Ariel Mendoza - Project - “Chemiluminescence”

9th Place - Jordan Crawford - Project - “Which Substance Forms the Best Crystals?”

10th Place - Rebecca Dalton - Project - “Soda Power”


Winners in the Biological Category were:

1st Place - Isaac Billington - Project - “How ‘Cool’ Are Maggots?”

2nd Place - Lorelai Walker - Project - “It’s Not a Joke. Don’t Smoke.”

3rd Place - TIE - Adrien Bueno - Project - “What’s in Your Bottle?", Kate Matthews - Project - “Rabbit Reactions”

4th Place - Reese Berthiaume - Project - “Blood Pressure: Do Colors Affect?”

5th Place - Michael Ruiz - Project - “The Effect of Music on Short Term Memory”

6th Place - Ben Boynton - Project - “It’s a Dirty Story”

7th Place - Rushil Sajjan - Project - “Music Math”

8th Place - Alaiya Edwards - Project - “Stop the Explosion”

9th Place - Madeleine Hardy - Project - “Big Bubble”

10th Place - Kyren McCullough - Project - “Drinkable or Not?”



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