Tyler ISD revamps website with new look, functionality

September 14, 2018

Tyler ISD is excited to provide our visitors with an enhanced website experience with new features, improved accessibility options, and greater functionality on devices of all different sizes. The web domain remains www.tylerisd.org.


New Responsive Design Template

Tyler ISD is among the first school districts in the nation to implement the newest generation of website templates by web provider Blackboard. The template includes new accessibility options and features, and it changes the content based on the size of your screen or viewing area. There are different views for desktops/laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The view automatically changes based on the size of your viewing area; try it out on your PC by shrinking the size of your browser window. Learn more about Responsive Web Design here.


New Navigation Options

Can't find what you're looking for? The most popular and common website destinations are organized in multiple ways under "I Want To..."; "Quick Links"; and as common search options in the search window (magnifying glass in top, right corner). Also, the main navigation bar always remains locked at the top of your browser on PCs and laptops and is accessible via the Menu option on tablets and mobile devices.


Enhanced Accessibility

The new website template features enhanced accessibility and includes an optional High Contrast toggle (top, left corner) which aids users with vision impairments. Also, different language options are easily accessible under the "Language" option (top, right), powered by Google Translate.



The district website features an up-to-date calendar for easy access on all different devices. The next few events are featured on the homepage under "Upcoming Events." Users will continue to refer to the campus website calendars for campus specific student events and activities, school reminders, etc.


Where Did It Go?

Not sure where something is? Here are some common links or functions that have moved:

  • Sign-In/Site Manager: For website or webpage editors - formerly at the very top, right corner of the page; now under "Sign In" at the top, right corner of the video

  • Financial Transparency, Employment & School Board: Formerly an icon at the top of the page; now available as an icon and under the "I Want To..." section

  • Contact Us: Formerly as an icon in the top, right corner; now at bottom of site, right side.

If you have any questions or encounter any links or webpages that are not working or displaying correctly, please report them to jessica.poe@tylerisd.org.


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