Meet the Department: Assessments and Accountability

October 26, 2018


The Tyler ISD Assessments and Accountability department works each day to assist campus administrators and staff in gathering and interpreting data to drive the continued success of Tyler ISD students. But what does that mean?


The Assessments team of six includes Director Dr. James Cureton, Susan Lay, Craig Dickey, Paula Holloway, Donna Tyndell and Sherri Dorsey and has a combined 46 years of experience.  This team is responsible for all things testing and data, meaning they help coordinate the administration of 15 state and local exams: CIRCLE, MAP, CPA, iStation, STAAR EOC, STARR ALT, TELPAS and CBE. They coordinate the print and distribution of exams, train staff on how to administer the exams using the required protocol (online or print), and then gather the exams to prepare them for submission.


State exams are hand-counted to ensure supreme accuracy in how scores and/or required information is recorded. Even the slightest oversight in one of these areas could negatively affect scores and data, causing the hard work students and staff have put in throughout the school year to be misrepresented on a monumental scale. 


Throughout the course of a year, Assessments is responsible for approximately 30,000 STAAR/EOC exams from approximately 13,000 students.


Additionally, the Assessments team helps interpret testing results and gather data that is used to set learning goals and objects as well as to drive the creation of targeted curriculum. This data-driven approach to learning is proving to play a huge role in the recent success of Tyler ISD students.


“Customer Service is a priority of the Assessments office,” said James Cureton. “We are here to help teachers and staff in any way we can, whether that means assisting with technology needs for exam taking or data interpretation to identify areas of growth. If we don’t do our job, campuses can’t do their jobs, and we make it our mission to help ensure campus and student success.”


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