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November 6, 2018


In case you haven’t noticed, there is quite a bit of construction going on in Tyler ISD at the moment… like 940,000 square feet of construction through the renovations and additions to both Robert E. Lee and John Tyler high schools. And don’t forget the recent renovations to CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium!


The Facilities department, led by Director of Facilities Tim Loper, utilizes 72 years of combined experience between Mr. Loper, construction project managers Brady Beddingfield and Cherie Jones, and administrative assistant Pamela King, to manage such sizable and important projects. (The Maintenance Department is also a part of Facilities, but we want to introduce them to you in their own write up!)


Tim, Brady and Cherie say that in school construction, the educational process always drives the design. They spend a great amount of time analyzing ways to create sound, durable structures that provide learning spaces as unique as the students who will be using them. If the facilities do not provide opportunities for students to learn, then these three feel like they have not done their job. After the design phase, the next step is for administrators, Trustees and stakeholders to review the plans and ensure expectations are followed. Finally, the management of the building phases begins.


“Together, our focus is on building the future,” Brady said. “We are actually changing the face of the earth and that is exciting.”


“I like it when the process has been a vision for so long and then it actually comes to life,” Cherie said.


“Over my career, I have managed $379.5 million in bond projects,” Tim said. “It is always exciting to create and be responsible for spaces students will utilize for years.”

Fun Bond Construction Facts:


  •          2,253,765 bricks at both JT and REL – enough to pave nine football fields;

  •          1,578 doors at JT and REL – if stacked end to end, they would stretch over two miles;

  •          3,356 tons of steel at JT and REL – weighs as much as 27 blue whales.










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