Rice Elementary School holds annual Toy Drive

December 5, 2018

Rice Elementary School has many traditions.  A favorite among students is the annual Christmas Toy Drive benefiting St. Paul Children’s Foundation.


“This toy drive is about St. Paul, and we are collecting toys for kids that don’t have the privilege of getting toys at Christmas,” fifth grade student, Savanna, said. “Our goal is 350 toys.”


The donated toys help stock the Foundation’s Secret Santa Workshop to help families in need provide toys for their children.


“We are collecting anything from baby dolls to basketballs,” Carlyle, also a fifth grade student, said.

“Kids here have done this for eight years and have always done a fabulous job,” Rice counselor, Diana Koop, said. “They look forward to it every year, and in October start asking ‘when are we going to collect toys’.”


Ms. Koop estimates that between 3,500 to 4,000 toys have been collected by Rice students over the past 8 years.


“I have been here since Kindergarten and we have done this every year,” Carlyle added.

To help them reach their 350-toy goal, students apply Rice’s leadership culture of Never Giving Up, Encourage Others and Do Your Best.


“Well, we are never giving up because our goal is to reach 350 toys for St. Paul because they are not as fortunate as we are,” fifth grader, Landon, said. “And then for encouraging others we are encouraging people to give more toys. And we are doing our best by maintaining our goal.”


Donations will be collected through Friday, Dec. 14.


“It makes me feel to give to kids in need because I am fortune to have good education and toys on Christmas but some kids don’t,” Savanna said.  “So it makes me feel good to give.”




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