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Lee senior turns obstacle into 'adjustment'

March 1, 2019



Robert E. Lee senior Lexi Hill has accomplished many great things during her high school career.


First of all, she is ranked seventh in her graduating class. Her strong focus on academics has earned her the President’s Distinguished Honors Scholarship at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. where she will attend in the fall. The scholarship is the highest scholarship offered by the university. Second, she recently signed a letter of intent to play basketball while at Gallaudet. These accomplishments are impressive for any student, but for Lexi, who was born deaf, they are nothing short of inspiring!


When asked what kind of obstacles she has had to overcome over the years, Lexi simply responds, “Communication for the most part, I guess. However, I don’t really see anything as an ‘obstacle’ but more of an ‘adjustment’.”


In the classroom, interpreters have been by her side throughout the years. On the court, she and her teammates developed a special communication system all their own. “Other people may think being deaf is an obstacle, but to me, it is just a way of life,” Lexi said.


Her love for basketball began in middle school. She also shares a love for soccer and volleyball, but when it came down to making a choice, basketball had her heart and she looks forward to playing at the collegiate level. She plans to double major in History and English with a minor in Athletic Coaching before eventually earning a master’s degree.


“My mom, dad and grandparents on my mom’s side are deaf. My brother and dad’s parents are hearing. Actually, the reason I have these opportunities is because I have had access to both languages, English and ASL (American Sign Language). I was, and still am, a book worm. Loving to read has helped my English skills and that has helped my education. This does not just apply to deaf students, but to all students. I have had wonderful teachers at Robert E. Lee and the interpreters have been amazing as well.”


In the above video, Lexi shares words of encouragement to parents of deaf babies and deaf students. 


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