Tyler ISD educators are learners also through targeted professional learning opportunities

October 18, 2019


Whether a first year educator or a campus administrator, professional learning in Tyler ISD is personalized and individualized to meet the needs of district educators.


During the most recent Professional Development Day held across district, there were 15 elementary educator learning sessions, 17 middle school sessions and 12 high school sessions, all providing a variety of continuous learning to help educators create successful student outcomes.  In addition, career and technical education teachers, special education teachers, fine arts and athletics/physical education all had specialized trainings while first year teachers participated in a first year teacher academy; and the learning didn’t stop there! Many campuses also had campus specific trainings in the afternoon that included content specific assessment needs, student mental health, cultural and linguistic relevancy in the classrooms, and working with extreme behaviors in the classrooms.


"The goal of professional development in Tyler ISD is to make professional learning targeted and specific to individual campus and teacher goals based on grade level and need," Shauna Hittle, executive director of teaching and learning, said. “As educators, we have an obligation to consistently improve our practice and improved educator effectiveness is essential to student outcomes. Effective professional learning ensures equity and excellence in educator learning."


Professional learning for Tyler ISD educators and administrators is not limited to only district professional development days. Targeted learning opportunities are provided throughout the year and include Twitter Chats, digital integration platforms, professional learning networks, mentorships, and more!


For more information on the Tyler ISD Teaching and Learning department, visit https://www.tylerisd.org/learn or follow @tylerisdlearn on twitter!



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